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We've been providing digital solutions since 2003. From simple marketing websites, to high-traffic, high-volume content driven sites, as well as e-commerce stores and interactive touchscreen kiosks. We uphold the highest standards for design, code, and service to deliver on quality and value.

Our Process

A path for creating exceptional digital experiences

To design and build high quality websites, interactive touchscreen kiosks, and other digital solutions each project (usually) takes the following path:

Plan → Design → Develop → Launch → Support → Maintain

1. Planning

We take a broad look at all aspects of the project and set its foundation.

Discovery: includes open ended meetings where we discuss ideas, existing issues or problems, and explore possibilities. 

Strategy: involves identifying users, audiences and business goals, and gathering critical information needed to create an effective project game plan. 

Information Architecture (IA): the organization and structure of information on a digital platform, such as a website or touchscreen. With an IA, we're ready and equipped to dive into designing the User Experience (UX).

Project game plan: emerges once a strategy is in place for marketing goals, information architecture, and interface requirements.

2. Design

We explore ideas and begin to shape the digital experience.

Style:  colour, texture, imagery and typography. These elements are derived from the brand identity and together they shape the style and aesthetic. Here we is where the interface begins to develops its look and feel.

Layout mockups: where things go and proportionally how they look and how they will function.

User Experience (UX): with feedback from the client on layout look and feel, we then move into more fine grained design details in order to put the final pieces of the interface puzzle together. 

Sign-off: once everyone is satisfied with the design, we're ready to move into production and begin the development phase.

3. Development

Design ideas become reality through the magic of code.

Front-end interface programming: building what users actually see and interact, the interface, this is where we bring the design to life, using W3C standards compliant HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.  The designs we create are all unique and we NEVER use pre-coded 'one-size fits all' templates. We hand code all interfaces which we then integrate with the CMS we customize around the needs of each project.

Back-end development: involves setting up and customizing the CMS (Content Management System), the system the client will use to actually populate their site, make changes, and do all the fun stuff that goes along with disseminating information via the web. Once setup, we migrate your content and then review the site for accuracy and functionality.

About Craft CMS: We work with Craft CMS because it offers an industry-leading balance of security, versatility, and usability. We believe Craft offers everything and far more than WordPress or Drupal. Craft is up to the biggest challenges, imposes no limitations, and is ready to grow with any business. Learn more about Craft.

4. Launch

Realized, reviewed, and tested. It's time to release into the wild.

Quality Assurance: once a project has been put through a full QA test and revisions are complete, we're just about ready to launch. While we all certainly wish it was as simple as just pushing a button, a few additional steps need to happen.

URL Inventory: for website projects, a full inventory of existing URLs is taken to ensure search rankings are maintained.

Domain control and setup: if you're moving to a new web host or launching a new domain there's a few key steps that have to be taken in order to ensure that your website shows up at the address it you want it to.

Production server setup: a good website is fast, and a fast website is only as fast as the server it sits on and the code behind it. We ensure that each site is launched on a server that will be just that: fast!

Site migration: the project moves from "staging" to the "production environment", launch is complete and it can now be accessed by the audience it is intended for.

5. Support

The amazing thing about dreams is that even when they come true all you're left with is reality.

Training: we'll sit down and show you the ropes on how to run your website, how to use your CMS so you can add and edit content, and monitor your analytics.

On-going tech support: we provide on-going support for websites and other digital solutions we provide in the short- and long-term. We're here to ensure that your investment goes as far as you deserve it should.

Support packages: we offer monthly packages that are tailored specifically to your website and business. I mean, we are the experts!

6. Maintenance

To stay on top, advance, or maintain your position you need to remain competitive.

Updates & enhancement: security updates, technology improvements, usability or design changes, and content refinements are on-going parts of the game. We're here to help you respond to and deal with these things so you can focus on the challenges of running your business and keeping your site current.

Our Team

We're here for the heavy lifting and the fine print

Located in Squamish, British Columbia, we are a small team of hugely passionate professionals who live and breathe the web. A short drive from Vancouver, we offer a solid mix of internet marketing knowledge and extensive website design and development expertise.

Terry Evans

Creative Director & Principal

With a career exceeding two decades in web design and development, Terry Evans is the Founder and Creative Director at Vibe9 Design. He holds a BA and a Certificate for Internet Marketing & Business Strategist (CIMBS) from the University of British Columbia. Besides being a proficient web designer and developer, Terry is a Craft CMS expert, delivering both innovative and accessible web solutions.

His mastery in Craft CMS is widely recognized within the Craft CMS community, where several of his projects have been showcased on Craft's official website, highlighting his ability to fully harness the capabilities of this content management system. Terry's work serves as a compelling demonstration of his role as a leading expert in creative, user-centric web solutions.

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Sara Evans

Co-Owner & Developer

Sara Evans is an extremely versatile web developer. A graduate of BCIT’s Front End Web Development program, Sara also possesses a wealth of experience in research, business development, and marketing, complemented by a Master's degree in Gerontology. Her comprehensive background grants her a distinctive, integrative approach to web design and development, enriching the creative process with her multifaceted perspective.

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