A full service website design company: digital technology is our jam

We've been providing digital solutions since 2003. From simple marketing websites, to high-traffic, high-volume content driven sites, as well as e-commerce stores and interactive touchscreen kiosks. We uphold the highest standards for design, code, and service to deliver on quality and value.

Our Process

A path for creating exceptional digital experiences

To design and build high quality websites, touchscreen interactive kiosks, and other digital solutions each project usually takes the following path:

1. Planning

The planning phase can be broken into three parts:
discovery, strategy, and game plan

Discovery includes open ended meetings where we discuss ideas, existing issues or problems, and explore possibilities. 

Strategy involves identifying users, audiences, and business goals and setting ourselves up with the information needed to create an effective game plan. 

A game plan emerges once we have a strategy in place for information architecture and interface requirements, and then we're ready to carry on and move into the Design phase. 

2. Design

Depending on the project - in some circumstances our clients (e.g. Design Agencies) provide an interface design - the design phase involves first creating an interface mockup that sets the general direction and tone identified in the Planning phase. 

With feedback from the client, we then move into more fine grained interface design in order to solve challenges and reach toward goals strategized during planning. Once a design is firmly in place and signed off on by the client, we're ready to move into production and begin the development phase.

3. Development

The development phase flows into two key parts:
front-end interface programming and back-end development

Front-end interface programming involves building what users actually see and interact: the interface. This is where we bring the design to life, using standards compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.  Since the designs we create are all unique, we do not use pre-coded templates. We hand code all our interface code into custom templates which we integrate with the CMS.

Back-end development involves setting up and customizing the CMS (Content Management System) - the system that the client will use to actually populate the site, make changes, and do all the fun stuff that goes along with disseminating information via the web. This is where we integrate the custom interface templates we built. Once fully setup, we migrate your content and then review the site for accuracy and functionality.

About Craft CMS: We work with Craft CMS because it offers an industry-leading balance of security, versatility, and usability. We believe Craft offers everything and far more than WordPress or Drupal. Craft is up to the biggest challenges, imposes no limitations, and is ready to grow with any business.

4. Launch

Once your site has been put through a full QA test and revisions have been made accordingly, we're just about ready to launch. While we all certainly wish it was as simple as just pushing a button, beyond QA testing there's a few additional steps that go into project launch as follows:

URL Inventory: a full inventory of existing URLs is taken in order to ensure once your new site goes live that your search rankings are maintained.

Domain control and setup: if you're moving to a new web host or launching a new domain there's a few key steps that have to be taken in order to ensure that your website shows up at the address it you want it to.

Production server setup: a good website is fast, and a fast website is only as fast as the server it sits on and the code behind it. We ensure that each site is launched on a server that will be just that: fast!

Site migration: with the production server and domain name all ready to go there's literally nothing left to do at this point but push your site live. This involves taking your site from its "staging" location and moving it to the "production environment" where it can be accessed by the audience it is intended for. So get that champagne out and get ready to say, cheers! To support...

5. Support

No matter how much QA testing you do, there's nothing quite like putting something out into the wild. There's always things you'll find out that you never could have dreamed of and there's always questions you'll likely have when you begin using your CMS more often and generally getting to know your digital asset that much more.

To that end, we provide on-going support for websites and other digital solutions we provide in the short- and long-term. We're here to ensure that your investment goes as far as you deserve it should. We're in this for the long-game and we hope you are too.

6. Maintenance

Most people think you can simply launch a site and forget about it. But if you've owned or operated a website or digital asset for long enough you'll learn that this is far from the case.

Security updates, design improvements, and content refinements are on-going parts of the game. We're here to help you with these challenges so you can do deal with the real challenges of running your business.

Our Team

Located in Squamish, British Columbia, we're a small team of hugely passionate professionals who live and breathe the web. A short drive from Vancouver, we offer a solid mix of internet marketing skills and extensive website design and development expertise from a beautiful coastal location.

Terry Evans

Creative Director & Principal

Terry holds a B.A. Hon. in Geography from UBC and is a Certified Internet Marketing Professional. He brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in modern web design & development to vibe9. Equally versed in design & code, it's time spent in the forest Terry finds most helpful in keeping the mind fresh and skills sharp for all creative and coding endeavours.

In fact, you're as likely to find Terry in the woods taking air on his bike or finishing among the top of the 'old-guy' category in marathon and enduro mountain bike races, as you are to find him in a board room strategizing how to launch your website to the top of its industry.

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Sara Evans

Director of Client Services

With a Master's Degree in Gerontology and a wealth of experience in research, corporate marketing, and green building engineering, the diversity of Sara's experience is rather extraordinary. Sara brings a unique, always pragmatic perspective to each project.

Sara guides our clients through each aspect of the project, from initial design phase through to project launch - she is with you every step of the way. 

Sara enjoys climbing mountains on her bike, especially with her two young boys who seem to become almost faster than her each day.

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