Interactive kiosk design & development

We create interactive touchscreen experiences using web technologies so you can engage with your clients in exciting and innovative ways.  We'll take care of the entire process from design to install to opening day and beyond.

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Interactive, Engaging, & Easy to Manage

Our touchscreens are cost-effective and easily updated with a secure web-based CMS.

Lumina real estate presentation centre interactive touchscreens at the Burnaby, BC sales centre. All can be updated remotely with a secure web-based CMS.

Not all interactive kiosks have to be touch enabled. This one at Cressey's Bellevue project sales centre in West Vancouver, BC uses a keyboard and mouse.

Cost effective, easily updated, & highly engaging

You might be surprised at just how cost effective and simple it is now to have an interactive kiosk at your real estate presentation centre or place of business.  Get in touch (no pun intended) for a free quote or consultation on what we can do for your next project.

Real estate presentation centres, front lobbies, product information booths

These are just a few scenarios where a touchscreen presentation tool can be highly effective for reaching out to customers in unique and engaging ways. It's all about reaching out to your prospects in ways they are both familiar with and interested in.

Real Estate Presentation Centre Touch Kiosk

Sample Interface

An example of the tower chooser screen at the Lumina presentation centre in Burnaby, BC

Programming & Design Services for Marketing & Creative Agencies

Certainly the most common touchscreens we design and build are for real estate presentation centres. We're also often asked by design agencies to work on a contract basis to build out touch interfaces they have designed, and we're equally happy doing that sort of work.

CMS-Connected for ease of updates

Our real estate touchscreens are easily updated over the web using a CMS (content management system), which means you and your staff can either make changes yourself easily or hire us to do them at a cost effective rate.