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One of Vancouver's foremost creative agencies, Free Agency Creative have been around for quite some time pushing the envelope of what's possible, especially in the hot Vancouver real estate marketing arena. Having worked together on many projects over the years, we were thrilled when FAC approached us to build out perhaps their most ambitious endeavour yet: FAC's own company website.

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A complex design with many unique content element display types on each page, made for some challenging layouts not necessarily from a coding stand point but from a content management one: FAC wanted to be able to pick and choose which ones are shown anywhere at anytime, meaning there was not set layout. There were simply a range of possibilities.

The layout challenge: a range of possibilities

The best example of the layout challenge were the case studies in FAC's impressive portfolio of work, where mobile and desktop layouts differed. A range of typographic styles and content elements, and media types that included combined image/video sliders plus a range of image-only slider and gallery options were in the mix of layout elements.  

Laser-like precision

Indeed, the interface required laser precision coding, while a smart and flexible setup of the content management system was essential to making this site a reality. Craft CMS was more than up to the challenge and FAC are more than happy with the result.

Always pushing the envelope

Above is an example of one of FAC's case studies, a showcase of their branding work for their client Moody Ales. Shown here, and split into two side by side, is a full screenshot of the page layout. To fully experience the big and bold design, users have to scroll down and they're rewarded for doing so as there's a lot of cool design to see. 

Subtle animation cues are used to encourage users to scroll, whereby each element moves "up and in" as you move down the page. This was a creative idea FAC came up with, which we were able to implement. The Craft CMS allows them to pick and choose which elements "move" and how long the animation lasts for.

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