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Interactive Kiosks for a Real Estate Presentation Centre

Lumina is an ambitions three tower project by the developer Thind, seeking to respond to and capitalize on the demand for higher density near Vancouver's city centre. We were approached by MLA Canada, the firm charged with marketing the project, to design and build a digital touchscreen experience for the project's high-end sales centre.

A branding guide, incredible assets, and a great team

We were given a comprehensive branding guide to work off of in order to ensure that the kiosk interface meshed perfectly with the rest of the marketing collateral for the project. From there we worked with the marketing team to come up with a plan to feature floorplans, interior and exterior renderings, and an amazing set of panoramic images that show off the expansive views these homes will offer.

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Four Kiosks, One CMS, Off-Site Management

All four screens at the sales centre are controlled via the web using Craft CMS to manage all of the content. This means any changes can be made quickly and easily off-site.

Lumina real estate presentation centre interactive touchscreens at the Burnaby, BC sales centre. All can be updated remotely with a secure web-based CMS.

An example of the tower chooser screen at the Lumina presentation centre in Burnaby, BC

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