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Trek Mining

With the tagline "Creating a leading  mid-tier gold producer", Trek approached us to design and build a new website for the company to coincide with its IPO through the merger of JDL Gold and Luna Gold

With some incredible work by Kelli Brunton on a logo, brand and identity for the new corporation, we were able to design and build a truly compelling website for Trek that set a new standard for what a mining industry website can look like and how one can function.

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our role / deliverables:

Simple to use, powerful in every way

Craft CMS was put to great use for Trek, in order to make the extensive amount of content easily accessible to site editors. 

A user friendly structure tree view of all pages and sections on the site makes finding the content you want to edit or preview in Craft a breeze.

Craft's Live Preview feature allows content editors and publishers to see their changes in real-time before pushing them live. Combined with versioning and multi-level permissions the power here is unrivalled for an off the shelf CMS.

Possibly Craft's most powerful feature: the "Matrix" field, which allows an infinite number of content panel types to be created and ordered in any number of ways. Translation: endless opportunities for designers and publishers to customize site content and layout.

The corporate world moves swiftly

The Trek Mining website only had the pleasure of lasting online for half a year before the company merged with another one and the site had to be taken down. But the impact it had on the industry persists. There's now a lot more colour and, indeed, layout similarities to the design we created for Trek in a host of other mining company websites, if you know where to look; and for that we are proud.

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